The Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Chester Train Station

The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Geanealogy Resources 2

If you have already compiled your genealogy we would like to duplicate it and add it to our computer based collection. We will teach you how to computerize your own family tree, or do it for you at a cost of $25.00. We do not do the research, you must provide that. When finished we will provide you with a computerized genealogy easily shared with others. At the present time we have the following Gedcom Files available at a rate of $5.00 per Gedcom. Photocopy of the material varies with the amount of material but usually costs .25 cents a page.

Our continuing and on-going research projects include:

Collection of Chester Basin Material to be started.

Databasing of Oak Island Clippings and Information

Collection and coalating of material on the houses and land in the Village of Chester

Continuation of database work on clippings, obituaries, photos

Continuation of work on genealogy collection and digitization

Continuation of digitizing of photographs and other materials as received

Other Materials Available

We have digitized the following materials and they are available for personal research purposes only. To gain access to these please contact the Chester Municipal Heritage Society.

The Chester Municipal Council minutes to 1915

Cottnman Smith's Writings

The Women's Institute History of Chester

J. Mills' Scrapbook of newspaper clippings

Digitized photographs (800+) from the Municipality - mainly the village of Chester

The History of Chester Basin (earliest book)

Chester, A Pictorial History of a Nova Scotia Village

Newspaper clippings beginning the fall of 1998

Newspaper articles and information on Oak Island

Death notices beginning 1997

The Rooster Crows at Dawn - My Eighty Years In the Nova Scotia Village of Blandford by Lee Zinck Rev.

Seccombe's Diary

The History of St. Barnabas's Church - Blandford

The History of the Chester Basin United Baptist Church

A History of Sherwood, Lunenburg County by G. Levy

The Butterbox Survivors - Life After the Ideal Maternity Home by Robert Hartlen

Research files on the Ideal Maternity Home supplied by Robert Hartlen

Skerry Family Information

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Databased Informations includes:

Cemeteries of the Municipality of Chester

Inventoried Properties of Chester Municipality

Photographs of Inventoried Properties within the Municipality - 1983-1985

Newspaper Clippings begining fall 1997

J. Mills Scrapbooks - clippings of Chester Municipality

Heirs and Assigns early records of births

Chester Township Book

Lordly Scrapbooks


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Word Processor Files

John Meisner's - will

Key to Meisner's Island (map)

Jane Meisner's Diary - happening in Chester

Casper Meisner's passport from Germany

Harris Meisner's death in war

St. Peter's Lutheran Church History- Chester

St. Stephen's Anglican Church History- Chester

St. Barnabas' Church History - Blandford

Cottnam Smith's Writings

History of New Ross

List of people who came from Lunenburg to Chester

Protestants in Nova Scotia

First Settlers in Lunenburg

History of Chester Basin

Women's Institute History of Chester

Chester, A Pictorial History of a Nova Scotia Village

Rev. Seccombe's Diary

Selected passages from A History of Gold River/Western Shore

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Materials From Other Sites

Lunenburg County Web Site

Ships' passenger lists are available here for Gale 1751 and 52; Murdock 1751; Speedwell 1751 and 1752; Ann; Betty

Victualing list 1753; Halifax 1752 and 1756 are available here.

Obituaries 1775 - 1821 recorded by Ebenezer Fitch, Town Clerk, Chester, N.S.

Lunenburg County obituaries

Debrisay Name List

1783 Census

1901 Census

Fishermen Lost in Lunenburg County

Cornwallis ships to Halifax

Chester Township Book is available here.

Cemetery listings for Lunenburg County are available here.

New Ross Historical Society - Information and genealogies available through Ross Farm Museum

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Family Genealogical Records

Names including ref. #
Family Name Reference number Family Name Reference number Family Name Reference number Family Name Reference number
A E M S - continued
Anderson G59 Eaton G24 Mader 613 Slauenwhite G15
B Eisenhauer G610, G37 Meisner G38 Smith G13
Baker G47 Evans G9,G25 Moland G15 Swinamer
Barkhouse G5, G6, G26 F N V
Berghaus 628, G39 Fader G15 Nauss G14 Vaughan G36
Bezanson G7, G10 Frail 617, 45, 61 O W
Bond G32 H Oxner G38 Wakerman G34
Budden G48 Hawboldt 618 P Webber, James G46
C Hiltz G14 Phelan See Whalen Whalen G57
Corkum 610, G42, G44 Houghton 614, G15, 619 R Whitford G59
Countway G7, G10, G27, G31 Hume 620 Rafuse G62 Wilson G46
Croft G7, G10, 627, G31 K Redden G10 Wister G33, see also Phelan
D Kaizer 610 Robinson G13, 638 Z
Dean G13 L Rost G22 Zinck G58
Denton G11, G12, G56 Lantz 621 S
Dumaresq G55 Lordly 640, G41 St. Stephen's G35
Sawler G60
Skerry G16
For information on these families, please see our records at Maple Cottage.