The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.
Train Station

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

20 Smith Road, Chester, NS Located just off North Street, the Chester Train Station, is a landmark in the community, built circa 1905 and home to the Chester Municipal Heritage Society. It was a full service station built by Sir William MacKenzie and Donald Mann for their Halifax and South Western Railway Company. Today the station houses a Visitor Information Centre and The Explore Oak Island Display, which draws people with the allure of treasure hunting and provides information about the world’s longest-running treasure hunt. The Forman Hawbol exhibit, adjacent to the station features a display of pumps and other machines manufactured and designed by Mr. Hawboldt. He is credited with developing the make-and-break engine which heralded the demise of the sail powered fishing boats in our area and the world. Farmer’s Market during the summer season every Friday from 10 - 2. more information
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