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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Back by popular demand: IT’S TIME TO PICNIC AGAIN Dear Friends, Yes,   this   summer   on   Saturday,   July   27,   2019   we   are   going   to   be   making and   selling   picnic   baskets   full   of   delicious   food   and   drink,   beautiful   linens and   glasses   again   to   benefit   the   Chester   Municipal   Heritage   Society.   Our 2017   baskets   were   a   huge   success   and   helped   to   support   many   programs of the CMHS. In   keeping   with   the   CMHS   summer   theme   of   Chester’s   Naval   Heritage   we are   proposing   a   Homefront   picnic.   During   World   War   II   the   citizens   of Chester   opened   their   village   to   the   forces   stationed   in   Halifax   providing much   needed   rest   and   recreation   and   Chester’s   Hackmatack   Inn   became the   Norwegian   Convalescent   Home   for   the   recuperation   of   the   Norwegian sailors   based   at   Camp   Norway   in   Lunenburg.   Among   the   entertainments provided   by   the   local   residents   were   picnics.   We   are   inspired   by   them   and would like to build on this tradition. Our    picnic    will    honor    not    only    the    citizens,    primarily    women,    who volunteered   their   time   and   rations   then   but   also   the   citizens   of   Chester today   who   not   only   started   the   CMHS   but   continue   to   keep   it   going   today. As   I   have   said   before,   Robert   and   I   were   so   very   lucky   to   accidentally discover    Chester.    At    the    time    we    didn’t    realise    just    how    much    of    the Chester   our   family   enjoys   was   due   to   the   CMHS   untiring   efforts   to   keep   the history   of   the   area   alive   -   Lordly   House,   Lordly   Park,   Maple   Cottage   and the Railroad Station. We   have   been   busy   assembling   baskets,   napkins   and   glasses   and   know that   they   will   be   as   lovely   as   they   were   for   our   Sir   John   picnic.   The   basket costs    and    donations    remain    the    same    although    we    have    changed    the names to reflect our naval theme. Admiral basket for two   $500 Commodore basket for two   $250 Captain basket for two   $125 Commander basket for one   $75 We   hope   that   you   will   consider   buying   a   picnic   basket   again   this   year   and maybe   even   volunteering   to   help   create   them.   We   will   be   having   a   kick   off party on Wednesday, July 3 for the early basket buyers and volunteers. Please   let   us   know   if   you   are   interested   in   a   basket   and/or   helping   this year: Elaine is taking orders now! Dudley  1 (314) 550-4500 Elaine  1 (561) 459-7001 Francine  1 (902) 273-311 Tru  1 (912) 713-4882 Regards, Tru Volunteers needed on Friday July 26 and Saturday, July 27 Homefront Picnic Wharf pate with a baguette Little Gooseberry Island grilled beef fillet with mustard sauce Or Picnic Salmon with Green Goddess dressing Three sides Apple pie Blueberry compote w/ maple cream, shortbread
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