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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

The American Connection  Viisit the Canadian Heritage Information

Network ‘s   Virtual Museum and search The American Connection to view

this on line.  

The history and heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester is

closely allied to our relationships with families and businesses in the Eastern

United States.  Some of our earliest settlement was by Loyalist Americans. 

Additionally, for generations we have had a strong relationship with seasonal

residents, who first came here through trade or holiday experiences, that

has had a major impact on our economy, culture and society.    These

families are widely extended, with some family members now permanently

resident in Canada, and the story of their impact on our community, and their

diaspora, is unique and not told elsewhere in our province.

Explore Oak Island Display - view it here and at the Chester Train Station The station is home to the Oak Island display featuring artifacts, pictures and information about the world famous treasure hunt.   A new link for Oak Island O’Connor files :


The Hawboldt Display - view it here on Community

Memories and at the Chester Train Station

The Hawboldt  Display focuses on a local entrepreneur who is credited with ending the age of small sail-powered fishing boats,  with the invention of the make-and-break engine.

Blandford Room - Fisherman’s cottage at Lordly House

A display featuring a look at the interior of a fisherman’s cottage .
Chester Train Station  Displays Learn about MacKenzie -Mann stations, tools used by the workers, a replica of what the Stationmaster’s office was like and view a station that has been little changed since it construction in 1902-5. Gold  Mining in Chester Municipality  Find out about mining in the area, about the gold mines that once were worked here. 
Changing display at Lordly House
Chester’s Naval Connections on the home front during the Second World War - Volunteers  who worked throughout  the war.
Boat Building in Chester Municipality Tools, half models, rum runner’s cannon, model boats, vidoe of local small boats
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