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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Chester Municipal Heritage Society Chair Person’s Report for the year 2015 This   past   year   has   proved   that   the   Chester   Municipal   Heritage   Society   can   take   our   place   with   other   museums in   offering   displays   that   appeal   to   a   large   number   of   people.      We   had   more   visitors   last   year   than   any   previous year.      A   huge   thank   you   goes   out   to   Dudley   Grove,   Fran   Underwood   and   their   crew   of   volunteers      who   made     this   display   so   appealing   and   to   the   Lipnicks   for   storing   the   articles   for   us   over   the   winter   months.      Because   it was   such   a   success   we   will   be   offering   it   again   this   year   along   with   a   new   display   developed   by   the   Blandford Historical Society. Ciindy   Lamson   and   Nancy   Hatch   continued   to   work   adding   pictures   and   information   about   our   collection   on Nova   Muse   .      Lordly   House   Museum   went   on-line   as   a   Nova   Muse   contributor   in   January,   2016.      We   joined fifty-six   other   Nova   Scotia   museums   that   can   showcase   our   respective   collections   through   an   award-winning collective   museum   database.      To   date,   Cindy   and   Nancy   Hatch      have   photographed   and   catalogued   more   than 366   objects   and   have   uploaded   more   than   sixty   photographs   of   the   Lordly   family   as   well   as   other   early photographs of the Chester and area community.  Plans   were   made   to   make   “Lordly   House   come   alive”   in   the   fall   and   Frank   Metzger   and   Wayne   Cameron   have certainly   made   it   happen.      Hours   of   work   adding      a   new   cupboard   in   the   southwest   kitchen   area,   a   shelf   and table   in   the   kitchen      and   other   donations   are   improving   our   collection   and   appearance   inside   the   house   itself.     Thanks   to   Ken   McCury   for   his   woodworking   talent   which   he   has   generously   offered   over   the   fall   and   winter months.      A   reminder   that   they   are   still   seeking   items   for   our   collections   and   Lordly   House   that   match   our   time period   circa   1880s.      Contact   them   if   you   have   something   you   feel   might   be   suitable   and   that   you   are   willing   to part with.  I know they are looking for rug and pictures and a sideboard. The   final   opening   of   the   Union   /Prince   Street   section   of   the   park   was   held   and   the   inscribed   rocks   were completed.      They   recognize   John   Chataway   and      Daniel   Haughn   for   their   foresight,   the   Municipality   of   the District of Chester for their support and assistance and  a memorial stone for Dori Chandler. Throughout    the    year    Dave    Stronach,    Cindy    Lamson,        and    Marina    Davidson    worked    on    developing    and producing   an   on-line   presentation   ,   “Forman   Hawboldt,   Entrepreneur”’      for   the   Virtual   Museum   of   Canada.        We   wish   to   thank   Alan   Bremner,   the   current   Hawboldt   Industries’   John   Huxtable   and   Brad   Armstrong   for   their help   in   making   this   possible.         To   help      celebrate   the   20 th    anniversary   of   the   Lordly   House   Museum      and   the completion   of   this   program   it   will   be   available   on   line   beginning   today.      Once   again   we   are   endeavouring   to showcase Chester Municipality for all to see and appreciate. The   Lordly   1806   Fund      has   proved   successful   with   donations   over   $11,000.00   this   past   season.      Although   this sounds   like   a   great   deal   of   money   it   in   actual   fact   barely   covers   the   cost   of   insurance   and   a   barrel   of   oil   for   the station.      Last   year   in   an   effort   to   derived   more   income   from   the   station   we   rented   the   center   sections   to   a tourism   related   business   that   will      return   again   this   year.      The   annual   auction   was   success   raising   over $3000.00   and   the   House   and   Harbour   Tour   was   enjoyed   by   many,   but   not   as   many   as   in   previous   years,         to making   the   museum   a   success.      People   like   Hilary   McCarron,   who   offers   a   day   a   week   at   Maple   Cottage,      and with   her   husband   Steve   organizes   and   runs   the   annual   Christmas   Craft   Show,   Francis   Woods   who   offers   her time   at   Maple   Cottage   to   file   obituaries   and   other   items.      And   in   closing   to   all   the   people   who   visit   the museum,   the   station,   the   park   and   Maple   Cottage.      Your   support   is   essential   if   the   museum   is   to   be   an   active and worthwhile endeavor.  Thank you all!!   Celebrating 20 years at Lordly House On   July   15,   1996   the   Chester   Municipal   Heritage   Society   became   the   lawful   owners   of   Lordly   House   after signing   the   transfer   agreements   with   Marion   MacNutt   at   the   Law   Offices   of   Hennigar   Wells.      The   Society   had been   negotiating   the   terms   of   a   purchase   and   sale   agreement   with   John   and   Marion   MacNutt   since   1987   but, following   the   death   of   John   MacNutt   in   1994,   Marion   decided   it   was   time   to   conclude   the   sale   for   a   total   of $130,000.      The   Society   made   a   $30,000   down   payment   and   agreed   to   pay   $10,000   for   the   next   10   years   at   no interest. The   MacNutts   purchased   the   property   in   1964   from   Dr.   Charles   and   Lucy   Stanford   of   Chester.      Marion   and John   were   devoted   to   preserving   the   house   and   they   were   avid   collectors   of   Lordly   papers,   photos   and   artifacts.     The   Heritage   Society   owes   a   monumental   debt   to   the   MacNutts   for   their   thirty-years’   tenure   as   the   keepers   of Lordly   family   stories   and   traditions.      We   wish   to   extend   our   deepest   gratitude   to   John   and   Marion   MacNutt whose   foresight   helped   to   ensure   the   preservation   of   a   Chester   landmark.      Now,   twenty   years   later,      we   have   a very bright future to celebrate. 
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