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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Big Changes at Lordly House…. Wayne Cameron Since just after last Christmas, we have been giving the interior of Lordly House at bit of a face lift.  We are attempting to restore the interior rooms to the Charles Lordly period of the mid to late 1800’s with period color paint, wallcoverings, furnishings and a lively assortment of bric-a- brac.  We have been very fortunate to have Frank Metzger basically take on the task of painting the rooms, building a period style cabinet in the dining room to match the kitchen cabinet and working to acquire period furnishings and other period artifacts as well.  Other individuals like Ken Macrury have built period style furnishings for various rooms.  Other friends have donated or loaned period furniture like a 19 th  C.  bookshelf cabinet, side chairs and quilts as well as period china and silver.  A number of our supporters have also given cash gifts to purchase paint and supplies, and in one case provide the funds to purchase an exceptional 18 th C. brass face tall case clock for the formal parlor. The society has also incorporated a number of pieces from our own collection some of which are believed to have come from the Lordly family.   We have set one room aside to showcase the photos and artifacts as well as the genealogy and photos of the Lordly family.  Cindy Lamson has and continues to do a great job of researching items and photos for the room.  In addition, she and others have taken great care to research and document our total collection of furnishing and artifacts etc. We hope to have the interior of Lordly House completed and ready for viewing by the end of May.  Watch for the opening date in an upcoming newsletter or special announcement to the membership. Chester Train Station / Oak Island Display – Danny Hennigar The Explore Oak Island Display continues to delight and educate the many visitors to the Train Station.  New exhibits continue to be set up and this year there will be two.  A faithful, highly detailed reproduction of the Inscribed Stone is under construction right now and hopefully, it will be on display by June.  Secondly, a dendrochronology display (study of tree rings) will educate and inform with some new artifacts acquired this winter.   The Chester Seaside Farmer and Artisan’s Market will once again be open every Friday this season.  Get your locally produced items from food to décor and all sorts of creative, hand made products.   The Train Station is looking pretty good these days. Over the past few years it has received a new roof, deck, paint job and chimney plus it has been re-wired.  This year, come and have a look at our new life size carved Polar Bear donated by Chester area carver Olaf Peterson.  The Bear was created from a single limb that fell in Lordly Park years ago.  It was a big effort, bigger than I anticipated but thanks to Steve Foran, manager of Chester Building Supplies and Dale Kaizer expert operator of their boom truck, the job is done.    A big thank you also goes out to Ken Mosher of Oceanview Garden Center and Landscaping and his crew for lifting the Polar Bear out of it’s storage location where it could be picked up by the boom truck.  Lastly, we must thank Olaf Peterson and family for their generous gift and his talent as a carver.   This unique and impressive carving will be enjoyed by everyone who stops in for a visit or even those who drive by the Train Station.  You will be impressed when it is finally unveiled.  The 2015 Victorian Christmas Show – Hilary McCarron For the fifth year in a row, the Victorian Christmas show was held at the Lordly House Museum in Chester.  A lot of very positive comments were heard again this year.  Folks just seem to like to come to the museum for the craft show.  This proved very beneficial for the 20 vendors that participated in the show.  Of this number, 5 were new vendors to the show in 2015.  A total of 752 items were sold.  Total sales were $5777.10.  The show vendors all donate 20% of their sales to the Society.  This show netted the Society some $1155.42.    We sent out about 125 emails to remind folks of the show.  The email notices were welcomed to a lot of recipients thanking us for the reminder.  People seem to want to know about society events.  We also went out to social media this year advertising the show.  This brought many extra people to the show as well as generated a lot of questions about the show.  We also had some folks that showed interest in becoming vendors at future shows  Thanks to all the vendors and helpers who worked many hours to help make the show so successful in 2015. The 2016 show will be held at the Lordly House Museum, November 24-27, 2016.  Respectfully submitted Hilary McCarron, show chairperson. 2015  Explore Oak Island Display Curator’s Report Visitation numbers were way up this year from last year which is heartening.  We hosted 355 visitors from all over Nova Scotia (the highest percentage once again) followed by Ontario, then the USA.  International visitors from outside North America included, Ireland Finland, France Scotland and Germany. We also enjoyed a healthy return in the donations box that paid for all photocopying and then some. No vandalism to report this year although one prankster did a lot of nonsensical doodling in the guest book and one visitor claims his name to be THE Francis Bacon. I think not. In the educational side of things, we hosted a great group of children and chaperones from L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom School in Indian Brook, N.S. for a private Display tour.  An Oak Island presentation was delivered at New Ross Consolidated School and several at the annual Heritage Fair at Bayview Community School in Mahone Bay. As always, we were able to provide assistance to children who wanted to make school projects about the famous treasure hunt. Assistance was also given to three authors one of whom is currently writing a children’s book.  Author Joann Hamilton-Barry from St. John New Brunswick not only visited the display but offered a sizeable donation for assistance given during her research phase.  Her book “Oak Island and the Search for Buried Treasure” is among one of the best factual children’s book written to date and is currently in stores. Dr. Brian de Ruiter, Department of Canadian Studies and History from Brock University visited display to do research for an article he is/was writing on folklore. As usual, the media maintains it’s interest and a radio interview for 97.5 in Halifax was granted speaking about one of the latest theories originating from Sweden.  Assistance was also granted to this particular theorist. Visits were received from some top notch Oak Island researchers with whom we are exchanging research notes, new discoveries and better understanding of past ones.  One project currently under way is a dendrochronology study (tree rings) to try and give more factual and accurate results for treasure hunters, researchers and the general public looking for answers.  A new display will be created for 2016 to reflect this work with some newly acquired artifacts to accompany it.  Another new display this year will be a faithful reproduction of the famous Inscribed Stone, an 1804 discovery that has excited imagination and confounded experts and treasure hunters for 212 years. As always, the many guests who take the time to sign the guest book to offer inspiration and encouragement remain the wind in our sails.  One person really liked how the art we have is incorporated into the interpretation of the story.  Many expressed their pleasure at finding the Display as they went about their travels. The Explore Oak Island Display exists to inform, entertain and excite the imagination on this very unique part of Nova Scotia history, drop by for a visit, don’t forget to sign the guest book. – Daanny Hennigar NOVA MUSE Update Lordly House Museum went on-line as a Nova Muse contributor in January, 2016.  We joined fifty-six other Nova Scotia museums that can showcase our respective collections through an award-winning collective museum database.  To date, we have photographed and catalogued more than 366 objects and have uploaded more than sixty photographs of the Lordly family as well as other early photographs of the Chester and area community.  You are invited to browse our portal at: may also browse all participating museum collections
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Underneath It All                                                                   Exhibit at Lordly House Museum 2015 – 2016 “Underneath It All” is a historic review of North American undergarments from 1860 to 1960. It was on display at the Lordly House Museum mid-July to mid-September 2015.  The exhibit was inspired and compiled by Dudley Grove and designed by Fran Underwood.  The five-room display was installed and dismantled by 20-some volunteers.  The exhibit will be re-mounted May 2016 and remain at the museum until fall 2016.  Advertising and press coverage included posters, invitations to patrons, and CTV coverage on evening news.  Visitor attendance  over the two months this exhibit  was in place,  was greater than any other exhibit over the same length of time. Contributions to the display came from local residents, museum  patrons, Chester Drama Society, Dudley Grove and Joanne Jellett, Costume Historian.  Five art prints by Alexa McCurdy were also displayed for sale. Photos, books, and memorabilia of the century 1860-1960 were also contributed and displayed by local residents to connect the show to the people. 1860 – 1900 Southeast Salon
Sir John Aís Picnic Basket