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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

Chairperson:  Carol Nauss Vice Chair:  Wayne Camerson Finance: James Isaacs - treasurer, Carol , Cindy Secretary:  Cindy Lamson Fundraising: Dudley, Tru Helms, Robert Helms, Danielle Barkhouse Communications/Membership/Outreach:  Carol, James, Newsletter – Dave, Carol, Committee chairs Acquisitions/ Accessions:    Carol,  Nancy,  Wayne Collection Management: Wayne,  Cindy, Danny,  Carol , Nancy, Carolyn Oak Island /Station: Danny Hennigar – curator Park/ Bookings: Carolyn,  Brad Armstrong, James Christmas Sale :  Steve MacCarron ,  Hilary Auction:  Carol, Cindy,  Danny, Hilary, Wayne Nominating: Cindy, Mickey Forman Hawboldt Display:  Brad Armstrong,   James Building / Grounds: Jim, Carol,   Danny Programming:  Dudley, Carol, Wayne, Sally Dawson, Carolyn  Building/House Committee:  Fran,  Carol,  Jim Directors :   Joyce Hiltz , Carolyn Conrad, Hilary MacCarron , Mickey Lantz , Nancy Hatch, Fran Underwood Life Members:  Roberta Harrington, Alberta Duffney,  Danny Haughn, Duncan McNeill, Gail Smith, Frank Metzger
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