The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.
Architectural Assessment The following comments, by Professor Allen Penny of the Dalhousie School of Architecture, were made as he moved throughout the house. Main Floor Kitchen  The top of the kitchen window wasn’t original and was about 1860-70 - the window frames could be the same. The lock on the window was 1806. The wavy lines in the glass suggest that it may be original to the house. The door to the pantry is more recent 1810 - 1870, the hinge is modern. The window facing Maple Cottage was more original. The cupboard may once have had doors. The door to the bake oven may have come from England. A crack between the main fireplace and the bake oven could suggest that it might have been added later. Eight inch bricks were American whereas nine inch bricks were English.  In many cases materials were supplied by the workers who moved from job to job. The ceiling plaster is rough and suggests a date later than 1806. The door to the cupboard, by the stove, may have been constructed of reused material, because the lock is in the wrong location. The vertical plank wall is an 18 th century construction form. Main Hall The back door in the main hall has handmade hinges and the construction is unique. The latch fit the period and a peg would have been used to double lock the door. Older houses had more elegant mouldings. The glaze size was standard and so windows and the moldings were often mass-produced, this made it easy to replace windows. Second Kitchen A second kitchen suggested that this may have been a ‘double’ house. The floor in this room was probably replaced. The corner cupboard is period to houses of this age. The fireplace may at one time have been larger. The door to the left of the fireplace is 1870’s, but not earlier. The main door into the hall is an older door.  The latch on the stairway door is missing a piece. The walls would have been wallpapered over the rough boards and then as money permitted they would have been plastered. Main Salon The workmanship is of a higher quality. Cornice moldings and the picture rail date 1870- 90. The medallion in the center of the ceiling is 1860-1870 and would have been whitewashed more frequently than the entire ceiling.  It protected the ceiling from the smoke when burning whale oil lamps or candles. The molding above the doors is unusual. The fireplace surround is 1870’s and was probably added as the room was up- graded. The metal fireplace grate is iron and was for burning coal. It probably would have had a rectangular fender rather than the present curved one. There is no chair rail.  The panels beneath the windows are noteworthy. The splay of the casements in the room let in more light. The brown colored door to the hall may be the original paint job. The patch in the floor in front of the door leading to the hall poses questions as to why it was done.

Chester Municipal Heritage Society

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