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The Chester Municipal Heritage Society is  not responsible for the opinions, stories

and theories expressed on thess pages.  

Want to submit a story, theory, comment, whatever... Click here to submit Follow the links: 1.  Marg Hennigar - Progress Enterprise, July 13 2.  Samuel Ball, man of Substance Oak Island -1765 - 1846 By: Danny Hennigar 3.  Energy Field of Oak Island. - By : D.T. Hennigar 4.  Evidence For A Blow-out At The Money Pit -© Graham Harris 5.  Captain Kidd’s Treasure.     ©  Graham Harris 6.  Stories of Acadia - Birch Bark Series - Pirate's Plunder by Rev. W.B. Bezanson (1924) 7.  The Ballad of Oak Island by "Ted" R. Hennigar was written by OITS member Danny Hennigar's father over fourty years ago.  Mr. Hennigar was a balladeer, poet, author, inventor and entrepreneur, but he liked fishing a hunting the best.  He styled himself after famous Canadian poet Robert Service. 8.   Guardian Angel by  Dan Blankenship This poem was written by famous Oak Island treasure hunter Dan Blankenship in 2002.  It is the only poem he has ever written.  We present it here for your enjoyment, any reproduction or use of this poem has to receive the expressed permission of Dan Blankenship first. 9.    Peggy's Key  10.  A Chronology of the Oak Island Treasure of Sir William Phips - Graham Harris  11.  A great time at Oak Island Days 2007.  12.  The Oak Island Treasure  A multi part series written by Oak Island author Graham Harris that  appeared in a seniors magazine in PEI 13.  Oak Island and Maritime Culture:  An Island of Possibilities by Kyle Wagner 14. The Oak Island Coffer Dam - by Graham Harris  an article in the "Imperial Engineer" ( autumn 2009) 15.  The Secret of Nolan's Cross and the Stone Triangle - By: Dave Wood 16.  Graves of Oak Island -  by Danny Hennigar  17.  Search for Money at Hobson’s Nose - From History of the County of Lunenburg By: Mather Byles DesBrisay - Postscript by Danny Hennigar 18.  Pirates - A Voyage of Discovery  - by Graham Harris 19.  Has the Treasure of Oak Island Been Found?  by Danny Hennigar 20.  Something to Chew On by Danny Hennigar 21.  The Mader's Cove Pit by Danny Hennigar
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