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Articles and stories about the island and its treasure
Would you drink away an Angel? Would you chase away a friend? You know he’s here to help youunto the very end.   For many years he saved you In your lifestyle gone astray And now you really need him To help you on your way.   God sent your guardian Angel To be your constant friend For many years he saved you From life’s most dangerous trends
Your Angels loosing patience You never seem to hear And in these later years You have so much to fear   Don’t chase away your AngelGod sent him here to help He is only here to save you To help you from yourself   Don’t drink away your AngelFrom helping you each day He’s finally loosing patienceIn keeping you from harms way We all have Guardian Angels To save us from life’s perilsDon’t chase away your AngelYou need him in this world
Guardian Angel
 - by Dan Blankenship