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The Secret of Nolan's Cross and the Stone Triangle By: Dave Wood It was four years ago when I had the aspiration of attempting to solve the riddle of Oak Island, as many do who become embroiled in it's mystery. There were many theories around at that time, but one caught my attention more than most and that being the Francis Bacon theory proposed by Petter Amundsen. I knew that I couldn't in any way compete with his standard of research, having had no experience in that area, but one subject I do find fascinating is Geometry, which through various markers and geometric constructions present on Oak Island presented a new avenue for research which I eagerly took. My initial research was to look for the "where' of what was buried, using that geometry, rather than the 'who, why and when' through historical research. Little did I know that it would eventually lead to something totally unexpected in regard to what I have recently uncovered, concerning Nolan's Cross and the Stone Triangle, two constructions which have been considered to be unrelated to each other. I have tried to make the following explanation of the calculations as simple as possible, they being purely simple arithmetic. I found that the designer of this did not make it complicated, whenever I assumed that he had, I found nothing, but when I reverted to the simple solution then there was the answer, which shows the genius behind it all. A code was used for converting the figures into letters called the Simple Cipher, using the 24 letter alphabet of the time period of Francis Bacon which you will need to know in order to understand the calculations, a description of which follows, and as the name implies is simple, substituting numbers for letters.  The Simple Cipher The cipher involved the use of the 16th century English alphabet of 24 letters,where i/j were both counted as the 9th letter and u/v the 20th.As the name implies it was a simple number substitute for the position of the letter in the alphabet. A = 1,B = 2,C = 3,D = 4,E = 5,F = 6,G = 7,H = 8,I/J = 9,K = 10,L = 11,M = 12,N = 13,O = 14,P = 15,Q = 16,R = 17 S = 18,T = 19,U/V = 20,W = 21,X = 22,Y = 23,Z = 24 The figure for FRANCIS would then be converted to the numerical value of F6R17A1N13C3I9S18=6171133918 and for BACON - B2A1C3O14N13 = 2131413.The full value for his name would be the numbers added for FRANCIS and BACON which are 67 and 33 respectively, giving 6733 and his birth and death years were 1561 - 1626 Nolan's Cross (A and B)   The two drawings shown are for calculations (a) and (b),the 5100ft being the total of the distances not including the 282ft.The distances along the stem of the Cross of 294ft,429ft and 147ft are those proposed by Petter Amundsen, differing from the survey made by Fred Nolan of 293ft,429ft and 145ft respectively. Considering the outcome of using Petter's distances think it safe to assume they are the correct ones. As I will show later, the Stone Triangle through it's angles shows the full value of Francis Bacon's name (6733) and his birth and death years (1561-1626).With the amount of figures used in both the Cross and Triangle,I had a hunch that the designer had ample opportunity to spell out the name for Francis Bacon,and with not being able to find it in the Triangle, I moved to the Cross,starting with the dimensions along the stem, divided into the numerical value for Francis. After a few failed attempts, when I used the combination of 429147,I found the result to be 14380.00014. 6171133918 / 429147 = 14380.00014 That was too close for comfort to ignore, as 14380 x 429147 = 6171133860 , a difference of only 58 from the required figure of 6171133918,and the 14380 I recognized from previously multiplying the distance to Malkuth of 282ft by the total of the distances of 5100ft,using only the 51,which is 14382. That then left me with two figures required,2 to subtract from the 14382 and 58 to add to the 6171133860,and the only figure left along the stem was the 294ft between Cones D and E, however, using the 360ft length of the arms of the Cross as 36 gave that required figure,294 - 36 = 258.Another way of doing it was to add the 94 to 6171133860 and then subtracting 36, giving 6171133918(FRANCIS).The reason he made the distance of 294 instead of 258 was because he needed the total figure of 294429147 along the stem for another calculation with the Stone Triangle. The following calculations are how I found the name of Francis Bacon written into the Cross, with reference to the appropriate drawing for each calculation. (a) 282 x 51 = 14382 - 2 (from the 294) = 14380 Taking the distances from Cone D to Cone A through the center of the Cross as a whole number.. 429147 x 14380 = 6171133860 + 94(from the 294) = 6171133954 minus the 36 from the arm of the Cross.. 6171133954 - 36 = 6171133918(FRANCIS) (b) The distance from Malkuth is 576ft and the distances from Cone D to B and C are both 560ft.Using the 6 from the 576 gives the figure of 6560560,and taking the stem figures as a whole number of 294429147 and using 4429147. 6560560 - 4429147 = 2131413 (BACON) I would like to point out that no figures were used that aren’t present in the dimensions of the Cross, and the use of the 294 for making the necessary adjustments seems perfectly legitimate to me. Maybe you would consider calculation (a) questionable, but with (b) being a simple subtraction, I think it shows the validity of both. (c) As mentioned earlier, the full numerical value for Francis Bacon is 6733 and was born in 1561 and died in 1626. Referring to the drawings, the distances of 807,560 and 360 minus the 0's, and 388 multiplied give 68052096. The distance from the center of the Cross to Cone A then to Cone C is 147ft + 388ft = 535ft.,and the length of the Cross arm is 720ft combined gives the figure of 720535. 68052096 - 720535 = 67331561 The length of the stem from the Cross center to Malkuth is 1005ft - 535ft = 470ft.Replacing the 535 with 470 giving the figure of 720470. 68052096 - 720470 = 67331626 It has been suggested in various circles that Francis Bacon faked his death in 1626 and continued to live in Europe. If the above is genuine from that period, then we have people from that time confirming that he did actually die in 1626.The Stone triangle also gives the same figures in it's angles, and using a technique similar to calculations (a) and (b) and with the same cipher, spells out the word "Rosy Cross",showing a relationship between Francis Bacon and that Fraternity, something that has long been disputed. Here we have our very own Oak Island confirming both. Another connection between Nolan's Cross and the Stone Triangle is that they both give precisely the same location. The bearing from the Stone Triangle's apex stone being 978ft@36deg.34minNW, and from Nolan's Cross... Should you be following the same kind of research, I'd be happy to send the results for the Stone Triangle and Geometry, e-mail can be obtained from Danny Hennigar.