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Programs Available

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Oak Island Resources and Information

Chester Municipal Heritage Society is able to assist students with school projects, people researching the history of Oak Island and those with an interest in this fabulous bit of municipal and Canadian heritage.   We have a large stock of photographs, documents, letters, maps, movies and much more that can be accessed and studied.  In addition, we are always in the process of collecting more information to keep open to the public.   We are always interested in your photographs, movies, artifacts, magazine articles and stories about Oak Island whether you wrote them yourself or have them stored at home.  We also accept donations of Oak Island books and anything you give to us will have a permanent home, safe from destruction, deterioration and open to the public under standard museum guidelines.   If you are a member of an historical society, a school or any other group, we can also offer a highly experienced guest speaker who can relate the history of Oak Island in a fun, educational and pragmatic way so contact us to book your speaker today.   Our guest speaker’s biography:   Danny Hennigar has had a life long interest and passion in the history of Oak Island and is well steeped in it’s facts, fiction and legends.  Danny worked as a tour guide on Oak Island for three summers in the 1970s for the Provincial Department of Tourism. He also offered tours of the island from 2005 - 2009 during a popular and growing festival, Explore Oak Island Days in association with the Oak Island Tourism Society.  He has been involved with several made for TV documentaries about the amazing treasure hunt, participated in dozens of regional, national and international radio shows, is a writer with many Oak Island related stories to his credit and is an avid amateur historian.  He is a board member of the Chester Municipal Heritage Society and curator of the Explore Oak Island Display at the Train Station in Chester Nova Scotia.   Mr. Hennigar has given presentations at Acadia and St Mary’s Universities, historical societies, professional groups, schools, tourist groups, government officials, even to Oak Island treasure hunters.  His presentation can be viva voce or with a very entertaining Power Point presentation complete with many photographs.  The talk can be tailored to your group’s needs but is generally about an hour long, depending on how many questions get asked.Write or call   275-3718 for details.

Trade in Time - A Curriculum Linked Museum Program for

Your Students

Check out your own running shoe for clues to global trade today as you come along with us on an exploration of trade over several hundred years in Atlantic Canada.  Pick up your trade bag to practice trading skills at a time before Europeans came to this land in the Mi’kmac Trading Game.  Find out how trade changes when those newcomers arrive on our shores.  Then see for yourself how interdependent early setters are in The Village Life Game, and imagine his life as you listen to the voice of a sailor who lived on the high seas during the exciting days of the Atlantic Trade.        We provide a selection of intriguing artifacts – all with their own stories to tell and a variety of interactive games and activities designed to engage young hands and minds in discovery learning.   The program includes Follow-up Activity Ideas for the Classroom and a Teachers Rubric for evaluation during the program. 

Introduction to Genealogy  - “Time Travel with

EuGENEus!”  for students  Grades 3-4

An initiation of students to simple genealogical activities
Explore Oak Island Display  Chester Train Station, 20 Smith Road,


    Genealogy at School - Travels Through Time

    for students Grades 5-8

      Learn about conducting genealogical research on the challenges their ancestors and       others  experienced during their immigration to Canada and their migration within       Canada

“The American Connection”-Lordly House Municipal Museum

Learn about how Chester grew into an American tourist destination  and their affect on our lives today. View it at this location