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Frequently asked question about Oak Island the the treasure hunt.
Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where is Oak Island? A: It is in the Province of Nova Scotia Canada, County of Lunenburg about 45 miles west of the capital City of Halifax. It is in a very small community called Martin’s Point but is often more associated with the close by Village of Western Shore. It’s latitude and longitude coordinates are:44°, 31' N   64°, 18' W    Q: How big is Oak Island? A: It is about 3/4 of a mile long and in places, less than ½ a mile wide.  It was divided into 32 lots of about 4 acres each.”  Q: Is it actually an island? A: Yes, it is an island but is connected to the mainland with a causeway 600 feet long.    Q: Who owns Oak Island? A: The island is 100% privately owned.  Oak Island Tours Inc. owns about 78% and the other 22% is owned by other private owners.    Q: Who is Oak Island Tours Inc.? A: OITI is a consortium of five people more or less, Dan Blankenship from Oak Island, partners Rick and Marty Lagina, Craig Tester and Alan Kostrzewa of Traverse City Michigan.    Q: Does anyone live on Oak Island? A: Yes, there are two permanent homes and two part time cottages.    Q: Is the whole Oak Island story true? A: As with most things, there are some elements to the story that have been twisted, added to, muddied and in a few cases, fabricated.  Generally speaking it is a true story.    Q: What is buried under Oak Island? A: The short answer is, no one knows for sure.    Q: Why is it that with today’s technology we can’t unravel the mystery of  Oak Island? A: We can. What Oak Island needs to solve the mystery is someone with good, long range financial backing, knowledge of the conditions they are facing and sound engineering practices and equipment.    Q: What theories exist as to who buried what under Oak Island? A: This answer could take many paragraphs to answer, but there are many theories that include; Pirates, British based plots, the Mi’Kmaq Indians, French crown jewels, Leprechauns, Spanish treasure from South America, The Templar Knights, Aliens, religious treasures, salt making facility, fresh water reservoir, a place to store munitions, the Portuguese, Masonic plots, the Acadian people, secret societies, a vault for important human remains, a repository for hidden scientific treasures or secret knowledge, natural geological formations, a hoax and so much more.   Q: How could people that long ago do such work? A: Ancient man had abilities we have difficulty giving them credit for today until we consider such projects as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Catacombs, Stonehenge, the explorations of the Vikings, the Sappers of old wars and so on.    Q: If treasure is found, who owns it? A: Exploration of Oak Island falls under Nova Scotia provincial government legislation called the Oak Island Treasure Act. Upon a successful conclusion, the government will get a royalty as specified in the license the treasure hunters are granted.    Q: Has any treasure ever been found? A: Possibly.  There have been unsubstantiated stories saying bits of gold chain and gold filings have been found on drill bits brought up from the depths. In the 1960s, two separate expeditions have claimed to have found very old coins under the beach with metal detectors.    Q: Is Oak Island haunted? A: Some people think so and some are afraid of its long mysterious reputation. I leave that answer up to the reader.          If you have a question, submit it to us and we will do our best to answer it and perhaps include it here.  CMHS retains the absolute right to edit, control or deal with submitted questions.